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Black Web Jasper Gemstones
Black Web jasper is metamorphic limestone; Metamorphosis is one of the three ways stones are formed. Geologically, a metamorphic stone forms deep in the earth, its essential nature altered by heat and pressure. Its colors, brown, black, cream, and various shades of gray often form the patterns of abstract landscapes. A major clue to the meaning of this stone can be found from the process through which these patterns form.

It may go through metamorphosis more than once, and each time new elements are added to its composition. Only those aspects of the stone which are impermeable to pressure and heat are preserved. We are providing wide assortment of black web jasper gemstone beads.  All our products, through their designs and finish, exhibit a unique craftsmanship. Our exclusive designs and mesmerizing range has helped us earn a niche for ourselves in the industry and the competitive market.

Of the metamorphic stones, the patterns of Black Web jasper are particularly striking, and I see them as maps of the crystal's transformational path. I regard this crystal as an important helper for those who wish to consciously transform with ease and comfort. Our products are available at cost effective prices and in attractive packets.  This brown jasper is available at market leading prices in cabs, beads, and drape.

Some believe this crystal can most easily assist in transformation in the area of relationships. Specifically, it is said to attract likeminded people who become loyal and trusted friends. It can also help to renew old friendships that have been lost.
I would also suggest using it for the transformation of one's creativity. Anyone feeling an artistic block, whether new or lifelong, can benefit by letting the eyes travel through the patterns of Black Web jasper and allowing thought to dissolve.