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5 Crystals to Carry This Halloween For Protection & Good Energy

Though we celebrate Halloween with candies, costumes and scaring everyone around us but this day is much more than that. Halloween is considered to be the most sacred day to the Pagans and on this day carrying different kinds of crystals that reflect different desires, feelings etc. is a thoughtful thing to do.

In this post, we have come up with five such crystals to carry this Halloween to enjoy protection as well as good vibes around.


crystal quartz stone, Crystal Halloween Stone, Energy

This is an important crystal which is known to increase the positive vibes and decrease the negativity that surrounds us. Smoky quartz is considered to be the best choice for Halloween as it is known to be a strong healer that effectively keeps negativity away.

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crystal calcite stone, calcite Halloween Stone, Good Energy

Orange colored calcite is considered to be a good crystal for Halloween as it supports happy transition. On the other hand, blue calcite is helpful in reducing fears and bringing comfort to the person wearing it or carrying it.

Black Tourmaline

crystal Black Tourmaline stone, Black Tourmaline Halloween, Good Energy

It is known to be one of the best stones that promises psychic protection in situations that are stressful and therefore, it is effective in protecting us from energies of the vampires. Whether it is negative thought or anxiety that is surrounding us, this stone will protect us.


crystal Obsidian stone, Obsidian this Halloween, Energy, Protection

This is another powerful crystal for Halloween which is effective in connecting you with the deepest layers of the planet and also offering protection and peace to your soul. With this crystal, you will never feel directionless in your life.

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Dragon Blood Jasper

crystal Dragon Blood Jasper stone, Halloween, Energy, Protection

This is another important crystal that is helpful in enhancing the energies of our life forces. This is a stone that is known to provide courage and strength. You can keep your energies lower with this powerful and dynamic stone.

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