Importance to Know When Buy Gemstone Cabochons

About gemstone cabochons, they are available in various materials on today’s jewelry market, for example, howlite, turquoise, Jade, agate, tiger eye, hematite, rose quartz, amethyst, jasper, coral, garnet, and many others. And all of them are produced in different shapes, but not in oval only. The piece is then ground, the back edges may be beveled, and finally the top is sanded and polished to a uniform dome shape.
Cabochons GemstonesToday, some people may have a hobby of collecting gemstones. And some of them want to cut their own collected gemstones as one of a kind gemstone cabochon, but have no idea about how to cutting. Here is some useful information about it. The usual shape for cutting cabochons is oval.

If you have no conditions to travel and collect high quality gemstone cabochons, you can purchase them from online wholesalers who is must be reliable, no matter whether you know how to judge gemstone cabochons are good or not. Jennifer, a jewelry maker from Canada said:” Studying geology in college is definitely an advantage when it comes time for me to choose and buy my cabochons for beading.

The normal procedure for making a cab is to cut a slab of the rough rock, then stencil a shape or design. The slab is then trimmed using a diamond blade saw. Once the piece is trimmed and shaped, it is usually mounted on a drop stick to assist in polishing. This procedure is called dopping.

I learned how to identify and classify dozens of different types of rocks, gemstones and minerals, all of which comes in handy when I am browsing at bead and gem shows. And of course, it is not a problem to judge whether the gemstone cabochons I purchased from Final Finish Jewelry are natural or not. To be honestly, I like its cabochons so much.

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