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Blue Vein Quartz Gemstones
Naturally opaque to translucent, blue vein quartz is relatively rare and may have fractures of reddish brown created by iron oxide. A process known as Rayleigh scattering, where microscopic minerals scatter reflected light, makes both the sky and this quartz variety appear blue. Our natural blue vein quartz comes in subdued hues; however, there is a variety of blue vein quartz known as dumortierite that is more vibrant and is sometimes used to imitate lapis lazuli. We are engaged in offering a gamut of Blue Vein Quartz Gemstone Beads to the clients. These beads are made by our professionals as per the choice & preferences of our valuable clients. We offer these beads in a variety of designs and shapes to our clients.

Also, we sometimes carry blue vein quartz that has been enhanced with dye to create more vivid blues. Known as a cooling stone due to its color, blue vein quartz is believed to help with detoxification of the endocrine and circulatory systems. It is also associated with the throat chakra. Blue Vein quartz is popular as ornamental stones and gemstones. Blue Vein quartz is a very common mineral found in all types of geological environment. The blue vein quartz beads are natural with blue matrix in them.

We are providing wide assortment of Blue Vein Quartz Gemstone Beads. All our products, through their designs and finish, exhibit a unique craftsmanship. Our exclusive designs and mesmerizing range has helped us earn a niche for ourselves in the industry and the competitive market. Our products are available at cost effective prices and in attractive packets. These Blue Vein Quartz Gemstone Beads are available at market leading prices in cut, cabs, and beads, drope, engraved.