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Chalcedony Gemstones
Chalcedony is a variety of the mineral quartz that occurs in a great variety of colors including blue, lavender, white, buff, light tan, gray, yellow, pink, red or brown. offer the finest Chalcedony Beads from around the world in the most interesting cuts.  We offer Chalcedony Beads in Briolettes, Rondelles, Cushions, Oval, nuggets, drops etc.

Chalcedony and its named varieties are well represented in various birthstone charts and can be found for all the months except January, April, and November.  Native American Indians believed chalcedony was a sacred stone and used in the spiritual ceremonies of the tribe. It is thought to increase vitality, stamina, and endurance and to promote emotional balance and charity while relieving melancholy, fever, gallstones, and eye problems. If chalcedony is conspicuously color-banded, it may be called agate and with other minerals it has various other names including carnelian, mocha stone, onyx, bloodstone to name a few.

Shop for top grade a quality chalcedony beads at wholesale prices from Final Finish Jewelry. Our chalcedony gemstone beads are natural and have not been dyed. They have a lovely, semi-translucent ethereal blue that is hard to capture with the camera. If you're looking for a light blue bead, blue chalcedony makes an excellent choice.