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Chocolate Jasper Gemstones
Jasper is such a versatile stone for beading and jewelry making because of its wide variety of colors ranging from earthy browns and beiges to vibrant yellow, burgundy and plum. Chocolate Jasper gemstone beads get the name from their chocolate-like color. All of these Chocolate Jasper beads are made from natural stone materials. Colors are mainly in reddish brown with white stripes, some black and yellow inclusions are also visible. Owing chocolate color and turquoise matrix pattern, these Chocolate Jasper beads are truly wonderful beading components for your jewelries. Due to the qualities of natural stone itself, actual products may differ slightly from the products pictured.

Jasper is a member of the quartz group and it is a chalcedony. The name jasper comes from the Greek meaning "spotted stone". It can be spotted or striped depending on the foreign minerals included. Chocolate Jasper is a rich, dark chocolaty brown with slight patterns of milk chocolate mottling the surface. Please note that each pendant is unique in coloring and size as they are hand cut and polished.

Explore our huge array of Chocolate Jasper Beads! We offer Chocolate Jasper beads, in a huge variety of shapes: rectangle, tube, collar, and round Chocolate Jasper beads! We stock both dyed and natural Chocolate Jasper beads below to give you the greatest selection of Chocolate Jasper beads to choose from.

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