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Denim Lapis Gemstones
Denim Lapis Gemstone Beads. Usually speckled with iron pyrites, Denim Lapis is a soothing, soft blue. In the past, it was often made into vases and bowls, and has been used for thousands of years for beads and small ornaments – and actually was known as the “sapphire of the ancients,” because of its use in mosaics.

Tenderness, sympathy, is the attributes it supposedly represents. We carry a variety of sizes and styles of Denim Lapis gemstone beads for your jewelry design needs. Lapis that resembles faded denim and found in Afghanistan and Chile. While it may be less expensive, the color makes it perfect for casual outfits. These denim lapis beads are a combination of bright royal blue and grayish white and are dotted with small but noticeable flecks of golden pyrite.

The light inclusions lower the value these semiprecious beads, but also make denim lapis a great accessory for casual, blue-jean outfits! As with lapis lazuli, denim lapis is believed to be a stone of spirituality, truth, and friendship. These beads are easily scratched and chipped, so make sure to clean them only with a soft, dry cloth.

Denim lapis beads provide a more economical, lighter blue variety of lapis lazuli beads. Like other lapis, denim lapis contains grains of several blue minerals, including lazurite and sodalite, plus a matrix that includes speckles of pyrite. The lighter color of denim lapis comes from a higher concentration of calcite inclusions in the gemstone.

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