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Dragon Blood Jasper Gemstones
Dragon blood jasper beads display deep green tones with spatters of white and blood red. As is appropriate for a semiprecious gemstone of this name, dragon blood jasper is said to enhance courage and vitality! In general, jasper gemstones were favored in ancient times, and the name "jasper" can be traced back in Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, and Latin. If you are looking for natural forest colors with dramatic touches of red, this is the gemstone for you. Choose from all sorts of fun shapes, including coin-shaped beads, squares, ovals and more.

Jasper jewelry components have been used to drive away evil spirits and protect against snake and spider bites. Buy beautiful dragon blood jasper semiprecious beads at great prices and quantity discounts here in our secure online store. Dragon blood jasper beads feature mottled green colors mixed with splashes of blood red tones. Mined only in India, the local legend surrounding this gemstone says that it is the remains of ancient dragons long dead, the green mottles representing the dragons' scales and the red matrix representing spatters of blood. It is said that this gemstone increases strength, courage and vitality.

We just had a shipment of new dragon blood jasper beads arrive! These dragon blood jasper beads are slightly different from our previous inventory. They have much deeper colors, richer reds, and darker greens. The mineral jasper, a type of quartz, displays an amazing range of natural colors and patterns. Dragon blood red jasper features red marks and streaks on a darker gray-green field. All gemstone beads at Final Finish Jewelry are graded AB.

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