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Gold Line Turquoise Gemstone
Gold Line Turquoise gets its color from the heavy metals in the ground where it forms. The Gold Line mine, which has also been known as the Godber and Burnham mine, is located in northeast Nevada. Our gold line turquoise gemstone beads are fully-drilled and made from high quality a grade gems from China. These high grade beads are perfectly round and precision drilled so they line up perfectly when strung. All beads are listed in alphabetical order by stone names.

Blue turquoise forms when there are copper present and green turquoise forms where iron is present, the turquoise from the Gold Line mine has no heavy metals present, thus the pastel color, and this is a very rare occurrence. We are manufacturers and exporters of gold line turquoise beads. We maintain good quality in these faceted beads.

This mine produces a creamy pastel-blue and blue-white turquoise, very hard, gemmy and available only in very small quantities. The matrix in Gold Line Turquoise is typically light golden or brown-gray to gray-black. This length is 21 inch & weight is 71 to 73 gms. We have also fine quality in different shape. Vast numbers of products are available to buy securely online. We combine very competitive prices and discounts with a speedy, personal service.

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