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Goldstone (blue) Gemstone
Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in a low oxygen reducing atmosphere. The original manufacturing process for goldstone was invented in Venice in the seventeenth-century by the Miotti family. Folklore describes goldstone as an acccidental discovery by an unnamed Italian monastic order or medieval alchemists, but there is no documentation to confirm this.  By substituting cobalt or manganese for the copper (used for red goldstone) the resulting crystals have a more silvery appearance and are suspended in a strongly-colored matrix of the corresponding ionic color, resulting in blue goldstone.

Goldstone contains no gold, and is not a stone, but is beautiful enough to often be classified as a gemstone. This manmade gem consists of tiny copper flecks suspended within glass. It is most commonly reddish brown, but is also available in either blue or green. Some practitioners of alternative medicine believe the copper inclusions can improve circulation and decrease arthritis pain.

Goldstone is a synthetic stone made of glass and containing tiny crystals of copper. Blue goldstone, a dark midnight blue color, is a variation. We carry blue goldstone beads in a range of round sizes, chips and donuts. All of's gemstone beads are graded AB. We also stock a range of blue goldstone cabochons in sizes ranging from 6mm round to 40mm x 30mm.

Goldstone is actually a manmade material, made from suspending tiny copper fragments in stone. Blue goldstone is a very dark blue, almost like a dark, stary night. Because of the fragments of copper, goldstone has many of the metaphysical properties of copper, including easing arthritis pain and strengthening the circulatory system.

We have a wonderful collection of blue goldstone beads with well polished and illusory in various shapes. They are great for resale and gift giving or fashionable design and meticulous craftwork. Hope you would like them and be useful for your DIY jewelries. Nicer blue goldstone beads will be added soon.