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Goldstone (brown) Gemstone
Goldstone is a synthetic stone made of glass and containing tiny crystals of copper. Brown goldstone, a reddish-brown color, is a variation. Brown goldstone beads are available from in shapes, faceted shapes and donuts. All of our gemstone beads are graded AB.

We stock a variety of Brown Gemstone Gemstone Beads. We stock different ranges of Brown Gemstone Gemstone Beads such as Amber beads, Brown Goldstone beads, Tiger Eye beads and Unakite beads. Goldstone contains no gold, and is not a stone, but is beautiful enough to often be classified as a gemstone. This manmade gem consists of tiny copper flecks suspended within glass. It is most commonly reddish brown, but is also available in either blue or green. Some practitioners of alternative medicine believe the copper inclusions can improve circulation and decrease arthritis pain.

 Beads are sold in a string of approx 16" length except where stated. The number of beads on the string depends on the size of the beads. On our strings there are approx 100 x 4mm beads, 65 x 6mm beads, 50 x 8mm beads and 40 x 10mm beads. Goldstone is not actually a gemstone but a man made gem that consists of tiny flecks of copper suspended within a glass like substance. It’s the copper that’s gives the bead its shiny speckles that sparkle like gold when in contact with light. Brown goldstone is made from glass containing tiny particles of copper.