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Green Rabbit Fur Quartz Gemstone
Quartz is probably one of the most commonly found gemstones. Available in a range of colors, both naturally and created, quartz glass beads make ideal decorative components in jewelry of all kinds. Quartz are differentiated either by their colors or by their physical appearance. Multicolored, banded quartz gemstones are famous under different terminologies such as Agate, Onyx, Sard, and Jasper. Quartz pendants are also available in a variety of designs, so you can make matching necklaces with quartz bead earrings or bracelets. The possibilities are endless and all you have to do is give free rein to your creativity; the components can be sourced from, your one-stop-shop for all jewelry supplies.

The only differentiating factor between these and Quartz is the presence of different colored bands throughout the stone. Quartz (single-colored) is named after its colors. Rose, crystal, amethyst, and citrine are the most famous of them and gain their color due to the presence of inclusions such as minerals, gases, or liquids.

Green rabbit fur quartz is a type of quartz silica that has accents of evergreen and olive with a white tone. Quartz is a naturally tough and strong material, with a fine silica structure. Our green rabbit fur quartz beads are very high quality and are very uniform in color. These beads have a unique color that shines brilliantly, especially if the beads are faceted.  The beads are made of natural rabbit fur quartz.

Like all gemstones, each type of quartz is associated with certain powers. While believers use these quartz beads in rings, bracelets, and necklaces to further their interests, jewelers and gemstone lovers take advantage of the endless design possibilities offered by Quartz. Its availability in a range of hues and the ease of carving it into different shapes make it a jewelry designer's much favored gemstone. Mix and match different colored quartz beads or combine the Quartz bead with pearls.