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Green Spot Jasper Gemstone
Even the original or natural jasper looks like an emerald and greenish hue. One of its earliest varieties was discovered from India and today this member of Jasper group, green spot jasper beads have also been recognized with the name of Bloodstone. Some historical facts indicate that for a while the red spot in this variety could be linked to the Christ’s blood, which felled on the ground and scattered through the rocks under the cross. But according to archaeologists the red spot on Green spot jasper beads could be due to the presence of iron oxide in it.

When you observe this masterpiece you may perhaps instantly recognize it within no time as it contains medium green shade with small red spots scattered giving it wide array of shapes and design to the jasper beads. Another exciting fact denotes that this chalcedony quartz was also known with the name of Heliotrope. There are examples, which indicate the importance of this gemstone during ancient times, when it was found that Medieval Christians were carving various designs showing the scenes of crucifixion and martyrs on Green Spot Jasper beads. It is due to this fact that this gemstone has also been known as martyr’s stone.

We have purple, yellow, pink, blue, and green spot jasper beads, in a huge variety of shapes: rectangle, tube, collar, and round jade beads! We stock both dyed and natural jade beads below to give you the greatest selection of green spot jasper beads to choose from.

When you explore around you may come across different varieties of this ornament embedded in Donut Pendants. These pendants look awesome when you will find them integrated in various varieties of semiprecious gemstones in sizes 25mm, 35mm, 45mm and 55mm. The gemstone material which is often used in pendants along with this jewel include fancy jasper, kiwi jasper, unakite, olive jade, white jade, blueberry glass, fluorite, howlite turquoise, black stone to name only a few items. Beside this there are other countless examples through which you can come to know the usage of this fabulous gemstone.