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Henan Jade Gemstone
At, we offer our customer’s outstanding service by bringing you the greatest selection of Henan Jade beads at low prices; you will receive prompt and courteous service from our consultants, who will work for you until you find that perfect gift or piece of gem jewelry.

Henan jade was found in Henan province, China. It's a beautiful material for beads and pendants because of its opaque nature and natural designs. Henan jade looks much like natural jade, but only with a richer and darker tone. Henan jade allows for carvings to have a three dimensional look, creating texture and contrast. Our natural Henan jade pendants and beads are color treated. The natural stones have a rustic but pleasing look, suitable for many different styles of bead design.

In our trade with merchants of various countries, we always adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit. It is our hope to promote by joint efforts, both trade and friendship to our mutual advantage. Explore our huge array of Henan Jade Beads! We have purple, yellow, pink, blue, and green jade beads, in a huge variety of shapes: rectangle, tube, collar, and Henan jade beads! We stock both dyed and natural Henan jade beads below to give you the greatest selection of jade beads to choose from.

If you are interested in ordering in quantity or have different size or shape requirements, please call us +91-141-5170277 for a free consultation.