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Impression Jasper Gemstone
Impression Jasper is the accepted trade name for Variscite. Variscite was first described in 1837 and named for the type locality of Variscia, the ancient Latin name for Vogtland in Germany. Impression Jasper has become the accepted trade name, but the scientific name has yet to be identified.

The mineral jasper, a type of quartz, displays an amazing range of natural colors and patterns. Impression jasper features a sandy brown matrix and can be dyed a range of colors. African Impression Jasper and Sea Sediment Jasper are only two of the names for this gorgeous stone that is also referred to as: 'Aqua Terra Jasper', as well as 'Regalite', Spider Web Jasper and Variscite. All gemstone beads at are graded AB.

These beads are highly appreciated for their purity and attractive looks and can also be customized in terms of sizes required by the clients. In addition to this, these stones can be used to make jewelry of different types. These can be worn in form of a necklace at the throat base in order to experience its soothing effect. Besides, this peridot stone acts as a protector against negative thoughts and emotions.

This stone has proven to be somewhat of a mystery. We know that it is a jasper material from Africa -- but no one in the market knows what exactly to call it yet! Jasper was a favorite gem in ancient times and is referenced in Hebrew, Assyrian and Latin literature. It is a fine-grained chalcedony. The name jasper comes from the Greek and means 'spotted stone'.

The highly experienced team of our organization offers Impression Jasper Gemstone Beads of fine quality to the clients. These are available in striking green color and in cube shapes to meet the requirement of the clients. We dare you to compare this Jasper Material to a well-known site's imitation magnesite material. Our range is acknowledged for unique craftsmanship, exclusive designs and mesmerizing cuts.

This Impression Jasper Gemstone Beads are considered as a stone of beauty and lightness. The people with clear and spiritual minds should wear this stone as the individuals with a lot of earthly problems can not understand the beauty of this Peridot stone.