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Indian Agate Gemstone
Indian agate is a beautifully lustrous green stone which can range from dark to light green with traces of blue and yellow or red flecks throughout. This beautiful stone is another ideal choice for a truly original skull ring that will give years of pleasurable use. Colorful and fun, these Indian Agate oval tube beads are great for jewellery making. Expect variations in the beads you receive as the color of the beads can vary. Each strand contains a mix of colors that includes green, dark green, burnt orange, lavender and soft pink. These beads are a fab addition to your bead box.

Agate is said to be a grounding stone, helping to bring about emotional, physical and intellectual balance. These Indian agate beads are great for autumnal pieces. We offer wonderful colors in these Indian Agate beads, allowing you to be super creative when creating those unique jewellery pieces. Colors include very dark green shades and orangey pink shades. The beads are faceted, giving them a wonderful shine.

Indian Agate beads are usually highly patterned like jasper beads, but they are a more colorful and clear semi precious bead. Indian Agate beads often display stunning banded markings in white. Black agate and red agate beads are the most common. Beads made from yellow and green agate are less frequently available but are hugely popular due to their vibrant coloring. Enjoy our agate beads!
Price is per bead. Due to the natural nature of this item the colors of these beads vary and we will send you a color picked at random. These are also available in strings.