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Kambaba Jasper Gemstones
Kambaba Jasper is not Jasper at all and is more appropriately called Kambaba Stone. Physically Kambaba jasper is said to help in dietary stabilization, assimilation of via tams and minerals as well as cleansing the body of toxins. It is told that this jasper will mystically soothe the nerves and your state of mind. AS with other jaspers, traditional lore states that it is good for grounding as well as protection.

It is purported that ocean jasper is beneficial for plant growth and general health, particularly in arid environments or where the soil is quite poor. This crystal contains Amphibole, Cristobalite, Feldspar, Quartz, Sanidine, Albite, Uralite, Leucoxene, and Rutile/Hematite. There are some really cool crystals in this stone. Kambaba Jasper is, like other jaspers, a form of chalcedony.

Jasper comes in a variety of colors and patterns and this particular jasper is found in Africa and is relatively new to the gem market. Kambaba jasper is exotic looking jasper found in Africa.

Kambaba jasper displays spectacular patterns in alluring dark grey and green colors. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes to find the perfect additions to your jewelry creations. Please keep in mind these beads are derived from a natural source and will display variations in color and pattern.

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