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Moonstone Gemstones
Premium quality wholesale Moonstone gemstone beads, pendants and cabochons for jewelry making and designing. Carefully selected gemstones help you create outstanding necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Moonstone, composed of two feldspars or minerals, is a relatively hard stone that comes in shades of gray and peach. It has an unusual luster or iridescence and high quality Moonstone may also display cat's eye. The sheen of this stone comes from light reflecting in the Moonstone from the different mineral layers. White Rainbow Moonstone or Blue Flash Moonstone is more closely related to Labradorite than other Moonstones. It is sometimes called Ghost Stone.

Our "moonstone" gems are known throughout the industry as "opalite". Opalite is a fancy opalescent glass finely crafted with an enticingly ghostly allure. This glass gem shines milky blue against a black background and appears to radiate a yellow glow when surrounded by white. Showcase these appealing beads by stringing them with faceted black fire polished beads over a simple black dress.

Moonstone has a tendency to pick up the garment colors with which it is worn. Therefore, it is very versatile for making jewelry. While Moonstone is purported to help balance the emotions, it is also said to protect women and babies. Some say is it a digestive aid and can align vertebrae. Tales suggest that if lovers place Moonstone beneath their tongues during a full moon it awakens passion. Holding it in the mouth may also refresh a person’s memory.

Moonstone is a pearly white stone that can range from colorless to brown and everything in between. Rainbow Moonstone is one of the white forms of the gemstone. It generally has a silky luster and ranges from transparent to translucent, resembling moonshine. The cause of its luminescence is due to the internal structure of the stone, which causes light rays to be refracted and scatter.