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Moss Opal Gemstones
Moss Opal belongs to the group of common opals. Moss opal is typically opaque, and lacking the vivid play of colors that characterizes precious opal. Its appeal comes from dark green, moss-like inclusions. It is popular among jewelry makers, who use it in pendants, earrings, and pins. Opal is the birthstone of those born in October.

Opal helps amplify our traits and characteristics, allowing us to recognize and feel the creativity within ourselves. It helps allow us to release our inhibitions, strengthen our memories, brings faithfulness and loyalty to our personal and business relationships.  Known as the stone of "happy dreams and changes" bringing to us the understanding and acceptance of our inherent perfection. It has been used to awaken psychic and mystical qualities.  Opal with fire inside it can help encourage our intuition and insight.

In contrast to precious opal that displays all the colors of the rainbow, common opal is opaque, rarely translucent and shows no play of color. Moss opal owns its attraction to dark greenish inclusions in its milky white body that resemble. Moss opal has been found in Trego, Wallace, and Gove counties. Opalized fossil bones and shells of diatoms are found in the Ogallala Formation, as is a green opal that acts as cement in hard, erosion-resistant sandstones.

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