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New Rutilated Quartz Gemstones
Rutilated quartz is quartz stone with rutile enclosures. Rutilated Quartz is an illuminator for the soul, promoting spiritual growth.  It cleanses and energizes the aura. It draws off negative energy and disease, letting go of the past.  Rutilated Quartz gives protection against the ill thoughts of others.  It helps to reach the root of problems and facilitates transitions and a change of direction.  Soothes dark moods and acts as an antidepressant.  Rutilated Quartz relieves fears, phobias and anxiety.

Rutile is a mineral that is made up mostly of titanium dioxide, or TiO2. Rutilated Quartz is almost like super charged quartz. The retiles enhance the flow of certain energies within the quartz. This combination brings increased hope and opens the door to new possibilities that were perhaps unseen. In this way it revitalizes, encourages and widens our vision. This new attitude can promote new ideas and allow these ideas and energies a forum in which to play themselves out, bringing an increased clarity to possible new ventures. This stone is surely a stone for the entrepreneur and the maverick latent in all of us.

As a mineral, it's very high on the refractive index and disperses more than almost any other mineral. This means that, when it appears in other minerals, it almost always appears in long, thin shots of color. Rutilus is, in fact, the Latin word for red, and the mineral gained its name because some specimens are a lovely deep red color. It can also appear in brown and gray tones.

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