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Opal Gemstones
Opal is hydrated silica and the refraction of light by silica spheres creates a play of colour when viewed from different angles. Fire opal is a variety in which red and yellow colours predominate. An opal's radiant play of color is caused by the water content within the stone, up to 16%. Opals should be worn as often as possible to avoid letting the stone dry out. They should also be protected from chemicals and sunlight for the same reason. Our unpolished opal chips offer a subtle yet sophisticated opalescence to any beading project, and pair very well with labradorite beads.

Also known as milk opal, Brown opal is a stone composed of silica and water. It is commonly seen as a whitish stone with flecks of other colors. We offer opal beads in a range of sizes and shapes, chips and donuts likes Brown Opal, Moss Opal, Peruvian Opal, Pink Opal and more.. All of gemstone beads are graded AB. These are opal beads for every occasion, adding that special flash of opal color, style and visual fire to your own jewelry creations. Each Gem Opal piece used in our beads is individually chosen for its quality, stability and for the absence of any cracks or flaws, thus guaranteeing a product of high quality and integrity.

Get organic flair for your next design with opal gemstone beads. Each stone displays incredible light-refracting shine inside its color and will give your looks elegant touches. Opal is thought to bring luck to its wearers, so try it in a necklace or bracelet idea!

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