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Russian Jade Gemstones
Thought to be a virtue stone, this leek green variety of the mineral is known as Russian Jade. We carry a variety of shapes and sizes of Russian Jade gemstone beads for your jewelry design needs. Both beautiful and durable, Russian Jade has been used since prehistoric times for its ornamental and practical qualities. We are happy to feature both the Russian Jade from India. Use each color individually or pair them together for a vibrantly green design.

This is mainly from the Mountains, there is not much jade that has been washed down into the river. It is similar to Russian jade in structure and mineral composition and has been formed in much the same way. It is a little grainier but its exterior is exquisite with porcelain luster.

It is a paler white than Russian jade but quite similar although it does not have quite the same sleek quality. These natural Russian Jade gemstone beads can be worn with anything from denim to evening wear and are a must-have for every bead box! Below some of our main Russian Jade Gemstone Beads sizes which we provide:

  • Russian Jade 4mm Round Beads
  • Russian Jade 6mm Round Beads
  • Russian Jade 8mm Round Beads
  • Russian Jade 4 x 4mm Cube Beads

Browse through the Russian Jade gemstone beads below to find the color or cut that is missing from your jewelry collection.

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