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Tibetan Agate Gemstones
Now we offer various sparkle and allure natural Tibetan agate beads at a fraction of the costs. Tibetan agate beads are unique among the agate beads. They are not merely agate beads but bear the deep culture of Tibet. All Tibetan agate gemstone beads are sold at unbeatable price at

Our Money-back Guarantee:
So, we don't offer certificates, but we do offer our money-back guarantee: All collectible beads offered by Final Finish Jewelry are sold satisfaction guaranteed. We offer a 30 day appraisal period, during which time the beads may be returned for any or no reason for a 100% refund (shipping excepted). After that time, we will warranty without regards to time limit that the bead is as stated.

Here you will find a selection of Tibetan agate beads from the Himalayan regions and beyond. These beads have not been decorated, however, various methods were used in antiquity to alter the color or darken the stone. The strand measures 15" and there are approx 22 beads in total, each measures approx 15mm in length x 11-12mm in diameter. Expect some slight variation in the size and shape of these beads. Small fractures in the agate are typical and don't affect the strength or integrity of the bead.

Each of our Tibetan agate beads have etched by hand. No two are perfectly identical, but all are very similar. These treatments often made the crystalline layers or banding more prominent and thus enhanced the appearance of eyes and stripes. This in turn made the beads more desirable for adornment and for their use as amulets.