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Turquoise Jasper Gemstones
Premium quality wholesale Turquoise Jasper gemstone beads, pendants and cabochons for jewelry making and designing. Carefully selected gemstones help you create outstanding necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Turquoise Jasper is jasper that simply looks like turquoise. Our turquoise jasper beads are carefully "calibrated," to ensure roundness and regularity, and range from A to B grade. Traditionally it is 8mm beads, and approx. 18-21 inches long (36" circumference).

Some see it as a peaceful stone that promotes gentleness, tranquility, comfort, wholeness, and healing. It has been used to help stabilize and balance the emotions. Our turquoise jasper gemstones have been dyed with a beautiful turquoise color to enhance the natural patterns of these gorgeous beads. With their unique pattern, these stones will add soft color and impact to your designs.

Writing stone jasper is found in colors that range from very dark grey or almost black to cream colored, all with a slight green cast. This stone is found in California and named because the markings on it resemble Chinese writing. These unique masterpieces can stand alone or be strung together for real impact. As this is a natural gemstone, each bead will differ slightly in pattern and color while remaining consistent to our measurements listed.

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