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Yellow Turquoise Gemstones
Yellow Turquoise is a natural gemstone, probably jasper that is mined in India. Due to its relative softness, yellow jasper is sometimes wax-treated to harden and preserve the surface. Very hard to find or even get information about this particular shade. Make lovely center stones on any custom design.

Yellow turquoise as it is sometimes called, is sweeping the beading world! Its popularity is beginning to rival the more traditional blue turquoise. Add a splash of intense color to your designs with this beautiful stone. Yellow Turquoise is from and is brand new on the scene, with its dark yellow/pea green tones. This shade is lovely and rare, with lots of variations and shades of yellows, greens and darker matrix.

These stones are natural and will vary in color and pattern. It is most likely referred to as yellow turquoise because the dark matrix structure that permeates the yellow stone strongly resembles that of natural turquoise. They are rectangular cube shaped. The strand measures 16" and there are approx 30 beads in total, measuring approx 10x12mm, though some may be slightly larger or smaller. Expect some imperfections, as turquoise is a soft stone.

We have made every effort to determine the stones sold under these names. Yellow Turquoise is not turquoise, but rather a jasper, serpentine, or calcite stone, that may have been dyed. African Turquoise is jasper that shares a similar matrix to true turquoise. Chinese Turquoise is usually genuine turquoise, and may be treated with wax, oil, or plastic resins to make it more durable; may be dyed to enhance the color. Our Yellow Turquoise gemstone beads are a subdued, greenish-yellow that is laced with veins of black.